Memories : Two memories today

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Today i will write about two memories because worth to be remember

Lets start with the first

Saturday 26/03/2022

I was in work, i start cleaning because don't have a lot work around 10:30 AM a friend of me pass to see me

I have many days to see him and i was very happy about it

We start talking to review our news

Most news was about her sister that see got married and how was in Gytheio
( Village in Greece )

See stay until 1:30 PM with me and we review many news of him and mine was very good day because the last days i feeling down


Sunday 27/03/2022

The last days i install a cam to my work where the other can't reach because my boss think was someone stealing from us

Today i find out was right
Around 2:15 PM two guys try to steal some beers for above the fringe lucky this time i have the cam and have the chance to see them
( Not all but the hands when the try )

In start i left them take one but then i go out and start yelling this was good because made them spook and left in hurry

I call the police to notify it but nothing happen

This time i manage to prevent this


That's was two days which i need to remember

Until my next post.


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