Memories - Part 5 : The Day i stay Home


Day : Monday 01/05/2022

First I want to say
Happy Month to All !

Now let's start

The last days i sitting around because i leave my previous job

The reason is not the time to write but you will know

So today i expect 3 job offers which make me wait 1 week to reply with a answer and know that

All of it was denied

I'm not going to write where or what is but trust me i can do it

Anyway after this bad news i sleep again because i was in bad mood

The bad on me is
I believe others very easy and count on them ( on the words )

I need to change that.

So after i wake up..i go to my mother house i don't tell her yet but trust me will not going to be good response

We eat and decided to go out and say if i will stay
So i stay until midnight
( i watch TV )
when she call me and say i need to come pick her up and bring her home

Eventually i go and take some other friend to bring it and i do all this way for nothing
( This is a good time to write i use actifit )

When i return my mother was drunk and after realize i make everything i can to make comfortable and i leave

Just to know all the time my Dog ( Lady ) Was with me


Until my next post.


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