[ POB ] Bounty Post - Find it and win HIVE

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Made by Canva

The day is here

Is time the Bounty Post to start

Like i write in previous post here is all
Information about it


How you can win?

Simple do the task and get rewarded the first one win and so on

3 winners per post


What is the task?

The Task for today is

Comment to a post

Especially on this post

When you write the comment need to mention me

You can read the post and write something good about it or to promoting the Bounty Post but you need to mention me to count your participation


The rewards will be send after 6 days of the post ( before payout )

The winners will be write on this post in comments with mention

I wish good luck to all and get ready for more


The Bounty post will be weekly but if i see many members participate i will make it daily or every 2 days will see until then


Until my next post...

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