Pokemon Go : My Journey start

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Hello to all members in Hive Community

Today i going to write about a new game i start to use and really got me

I love everything first of all the opportunity to play again a game with Pokémon theme on it but Pokémon Go really is different for the other Pokémon games i play

Now what about my journey

Is not like Ash

" I want to be the best trainer in world "

No is not that

" I want to find all Pokémon in the world "

That my goal

I know is difficult maybe even impossible

I will try to achieve it

In other news i make some progress and reach 16 Level in 2 days!

Yeah so fast

Until now i win a gym and have my own now which i earn Pokecoins

I have more of 100+ pokemon
( including Pikachu)

Soon i will post videos and screenshot in here

The panosdada.pob will be the official profile i will upload everything about Pokémon Go adventures and more

In other news

I will make some bounty and Challenges to anyone use the game so if you are a trainer write in comments your username and if i find you in Pokemon Go you will receive a gift in Hive

Like you read more will come and you don't want miss it

Until my next write post
( Because i will make video, images posts )


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