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Today I want to show you a part of a small wild beach where I and my friends are going during the summer. Some stay all summer From May until late September.

We sometimes find it very dirty, with plastic bottles and strive to clean it and leave it clean when we depart, close to the early autumn.

I had a nice chat with Yann last night, the guy from Clean Planet who has managed to launch a great Hive initiative and project over time, and by mentioning that here in this article, I can just hope many of us will engage more with his community and contribute to our planet's health in many ways.

How about you get paid in crypto to do some good for the planet?
Check out Clean Planet in Hive and!







All are my photos and this last one is at 7 AM, a photo from my tent.

Those green algae we get them cleaned as we can. Some are using them for their health, wrapping them on their bodies, some collect them to add them to natural ecologic creams they make, some are drying them for different purposes.

I am an ecologist, but that doesn't mean I clean everything. Some things like algae, wood, plastic can be reused, which I always do. I reuse stuff.

~my pic also🔺

Pollution, on the other hand, is a big risk and we should all contribute to reducing it as much as possible.

This is a bit about me for now.

Thank you for reading!



I find very interesting, there is still a lot to be done. We have a very serious problem of waste and garbage management in our community and I have been thinking for months about a project based on Blockchain and a token to encourage people to become aware of this problem, invest to find a solution and generate an ecosystem of use and profits with the token, it seems to me a good solution. Great activity of you on the beach, when I go to the beach, I am very indignant as they leave garbage, it's sad all that and I put my bit to try to clean up a little. Greetings.

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Your idea is still feasable, let me know if you need help with it if you decide to go along.
I'm always happy to find people with a high level of awareness.
Thank you for reading and engaging!

Great job @regenerette,
You didn't put a link to this clean planet people, I'd like to check them out, now I have to go to and search for the right info I need.

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Go, do your research. 😉
I just know their page in Hive and that link, plus their discord. Let me know if you find a good way to register to them with Hive, on their front-end.

Thank you for the info -- checking it out!


I'm cooking right now but have my laptop in the kitchen to answer messages.

I will see you around, shinny soul!

Beautiful place and yes we should do more to keep the planet clean and healthy for ourselves and our descendants.

Interesting concept of cleaning the environment while earning crypto; might be a good incentive.

It started already and seems to be working quite well. I am also happy I have found them!

Tanja, feel free to participate in my contest by tomorrow. Everybody who participated will have a huge surprise tomorrow.

Here is the link

Oh man... I missed it. Next time when there's another contest I'll surely look into it 😉.

Sure, Tanja. You are invited to participate each time I launch one, though I use to do it once per month or even rarely.
Let's keep close!

Clean Planet in Hive and!
a bounty for CommunityServices. just brilliant ! my home town is ranked among the top polluted cities in the world. countries like France established facilities for chemicals and phosphor production and other harmful substances.

siap tunisie
we had a lifetime conflict with these abusive companies.

for instance, my city is on the east coast but we have no shores. they've ruined our beaches and our mideterrainian

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Make an article about it and tag this community. They are from France! Maybe they can do smth about it. I see they are quite active in Paris. Really, I dare you!

And I want a new photo with your black panther soon!

Show me the little black panther!

Do you know Miss Swan?

haha, well now I do. why she speaks like a baby? a baby that knows everything isn't that

the boss baby


they see me rollin' they hate'in''

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I love that little one! Thanks again for the pics!

Mis Swann is a spoiled character in her way. I hope you'll like her in the old MadTv series.

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Good job!
Where were the pics taken?

Thank you!

Close to Durankulak, Bulgaria, a lovely area.