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RE: [POB CONTEST - #01] Sell me a POB movie.

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All my life I've seen psychological, thriller, SF, mystery movies, and so on. American, European, Russian, Scandinavian, oriental ones also.

I could suggest some really FK-up ones or wicked ones, but I will go for a much insightful one: The Bow also called Hwal, by Kim Ki Duk. The plot seems very digestible: an old man raises a girl on his fishing boat. They create a congruent life together between fishing, singing, trading products, and receiving others on their boat to relax or fish. ... I hate talking about it, so I recommend that you see it before the 07 days are over, @wiseagent.
It's all about introspection, the characters are round, complex even if the dialogue is missing mostly. Seems boring? It's not. Do you need empathy? No. Is it a drama? Depends on how you look at it. I see it as a fascinating cultural and emotional gift from Kim Ki Duk.
The bow is a metaphor...a weapon, an instrument for singing, and also one for guessing the future.
This movie will test your BRAIN at a new level. It will test your heart also and boost some feelings.
The finish is...universal!
You'll see values in practice, different aspects of love and desperation, purity of mind, ethics, decency...
It's an insight you are offered, truly given so that you can shift perspectives, moods, and even your system of beliefs and values.
It's not a movie for lazy asses, or for those who always dreamt they will become investigators, detectives or supermen. It's meant to be felt as it slowly opens your brain for a new culture, a new understanding of life.

The climax is not in the middle or close to the end. The climax is the end itself. So there will be no. .."post-orgasmic chill" or re-interpretation of fact in the movie, even no follow-up.

There's no love story functioning here, it's present just as a pretext. In fact, the movie is rudimentary raw, brutal sometimes, for quick has poetry, metaphors, revolt, instinct...

"The sea always has its own rules", this is what an old lady from the seashore told me once...
Understand that statement and enjoy the movie!

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I'm very curious to watch this movie, @regenerette. It seems to be really good.

Thanks for your participation. Now, you have another pob challenge because the second edition is already on.

I'll look into the theme later this evening. Sure!
I hope you will have the patience to watch Hwal. If not, let it for an easy Sunday, just as I did.

Thanks for this recommendation.

With pleasure.

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