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RE: Why You Need to Make Uncertainty Your Best Friend

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Excellent article. I agree with many of these points, my organizational culture and MGMT background helped me understand all that you wrote.
Joe Dispenza is a great reference point also. I am still reading some of his newsletters and hope to get some free time again to follow one of his programs online.

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Thank you, appreciate it. Dr. Joe's teachings are mind-boggling. I love how he combines quantum physics with the latest research from neuroscience providing us with tools so that we can do the work in a more impactful way. I read his books, I'm doing his meditations (I find the 'Healing of the Energy Centers' to be one of the strongest) and I've got a ticket for his Advanced Workshop. I've never seen anybody like him being able to empower individuals to transcend Parkinson's or cancer for example without BS or fluff. When you see the before and after CT scans, EEGs and MRT's it gives you a glimpse into the superpower of the human spirit.

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I'm so happy I found you!
BTW: do you know about medbeds or holobeds?

As for neuroscience, I am an NLP coach with an interest in anything related to neurology, behavior, energy healing, etc...

I like the fact that you are fascinated about this also.

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Yes, I'm familiar with the term holographic med beds ;)

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I've invited the people in a closed FB group to come in Hive as they were complaining about being sanctioned by FB because of talking about medbeds...they're not in yet. I hope they will join us soon because we can talk about things here without that restrictive limiting action.But they also have the same group on Telegram. We'll see.

I am dreaming of using a medbed :)