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RE: Things to look for when you suspect that the label is not advertising the contents...

in Proof of Brain2 years ago

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding of both sides.
I wish I had enough energy for any life situation.
I'm sure that with flexibility and understanding from both sides, one day, I and @lucylin might meet in a better situation and discuss and laugh and relax.
I am talking to people from Hive sometimes on discord or over the phone and we change ideas, practical ones, or just for the sake of changing ideas.
@lucylin or anybody else that needs me or wants to simply talk to me, let me know so I can give you my contacts. I made some friends around, that kept me positive when I was down or scared about pain/doctors' words and I hold them close not for voting each other but because they got into my heart.
Today, I was thinking I have so much to bring to this community and I might not have time or energy, force to answer each question...then what will I do? People will get upset... I still don't know if I should be posting here again or not.

In this end, I want to say this: I didn't feel offended. I was offended. I can easily turn the page and be glad to have a new friend in Hive. I don't need advantages out of it, but I will not deny that I am so grateful for each positive encouragement I got from my friends when I was so scared or in bad pains and came, on discord, on Twitter. It kept me moving from the bed to the toilet with more power. I know it might sound funny to you, but it requires effort.

I am opened to understanding each other, our reactions, time frames, energy, and the fact that we do not have to agree with each article we write. Anyone has an opinion and can express it. If it's bulshit for others, that ok, if it's gold for other people, that's a gift I have offered.

I am sending you: love, to all of you. Believe it or not, I can send it for free and with my open heart.
@lucylin, you don't have to love me back. I'm just hoping that you know that I cannot engage as much as you'd wish. At the phone, I can talk for hours. In Hive, I struggle to offer large responses or to write large articles, because the cervical hernia and spine nerve are both sending pain in the fingers and arms.

@juanmiguelsalas, thank you for opening my heart