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So I'm being offended, called names, and what...@lucylin, once you started behaving aggressively to one of my posts, I have told you I will stop any communication with you. I believe it is hard for you to accept the fact that I or anybody else in Hive is not obligated to answer any of your Qs. I don't write for 5-year-olds and I have no intention to do so.
Continue with this as much as you wish. You are free to downvote, to write negative things about me and my posts, to push others to do whatever you want.
I'll be in Hive for a while. This is the only time I am answering this manipulative twisted ego-drama of yours. I always reply to others, but to those that are non-aggressive and less limited.
@regenerette doesn't cry, dear, and doesn't point the finger at others.

You're not exposing anything, because you do not know me.
At least my professional background for half a lifetime allows me to write in the field of human behavior.

This man and his opinions have no validation in what he says. The only things I see are frustration and bullying. Should I give you my whole account so you can trade it for some more mundane pleasure to pay for? You seem to be wanting to destroy it anyway. Some people while having a hammer, will not build anything, they will just destroy it. This is what you do.
I have tried to clarify things with him under one of my posts, until to the point when it was 5 AM for me and the author of this post still wanted feedback and debates and offended me for not wanting to give him an answer at less than 3 minutes distance one from the previous answers!
I have 5 months of going in and out of hospitals, I can barely stay in my ass to write an article and use my fingers, doctors say paralysis is close. I have a person putting on my underwear, my socks, my clothes and cooking and washing my body....I have almost 40 years...why should I be called names just like last time when I wasn't able to stay up more and answer his offensive behavior?

Do you want to harass me and continue with this? Do it. If it makes you happy to kill a 1-month Hive account with bullying just because I stated it clearly that I don't want to interact with you because you are not for open communication but you become aggressive. I am not, under any form, obligated to answer you, @lucylin.
Destroy anything, if this gives you any satisfaction.

This charlatan you can find in The International Coaching News, In The International Association of NLP, In UK, USA, Europe International coaching programs, etc...


Who's this @lucylin?
Don't expect more "attention" from me, Mr. John Doe....nada is nada. See maybe you can find another play partner.

I am sure you don't know how that feels.

It has been a pleasure to communicate and answer both @coininstant and @calumam


I just want to say that "criticizing something" is not an attack. I really hope you put your heart aside and read this entire exchange between you and @lucylin with a clear mind (please, not at 5 in the morning). There is nothing more beautiful than the exchange of ideas even if they are in different positions (this is something that in the world today is almost impossible to do). It is what makes us see our successes and mistakes and therefore improve. I'm really sorry for everything you're going through but I don't think that makes you have any more reason or not in your points of view and I don't think you should feel hurt on the contrary. Despite that, in your writings I have seen the will to live that you have and that is what led me to follow you without knowing your sufferings. We all have a "cross" to carry in life, but we better not use it as a banner of struggle.

And as @lucylin says at the end of his last comment

I look forward to reading your next post.
(And I really hope that we can laugh about this at some point in the future).

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding of both sides.
I wish I had enough energy for any life situation.
I'm sure that with flexibility and understanding from both sides, one day, I and @lucylin might meet in a better situation and discuss and laugh and relax.
I am talking to people from Hive sometimes on discord or over the phone and we change ideas, practical ones, or just for the sake of changing ideas.
@lucylin or anybody else that needs me or wants to simply talk to me, let me know so I can give you my contacts. I made some friends around, that kept me positive when I was down or scared about pain/doctors' words and I hold them close not for voting each other but because they got into my heart.
Today, I was thinking I have so much to bring to this community and I might not have time or energy, force to answer each question...then what will I do? People will get upset... I still don't know if I should be posting here again or not.

In this end, I want to say this: I didn't feel offended. I was offended. I can easily turn the page and be glad to have a new friend in Hive. I don't need advantages out of it, but I will not deny that I am so grateful for each positive encouragement I got from my friends when I was so scared or in bad pains and came, on discord, on Twitter. It kept me moving from the bed to the toilet with more power. I know it might sound funny to you, but it requires effort.

I am opened to understanding each other, our reactions, time frames, energy, and the fact that we do not have to agree with each article we write. Anyone has an opinion and can express it. If it's bulshit for others, that ok, if it's gold for other people, that's a gift I have offered.

I am sending you: love, to all of you. Believe it or not, I can send it for free and with my open heart.
@lucylin, you don't have to love me back. I'm just hoping that you know that I cannot engage as much as you'd wish. At the phone, I can talk for hours. In Hive, I struggle to offer large responses or to write large articles, because the cervical hernia and spine nerve are both sending pain in the fingers and arms.

@juanmiguelsalas, thank you for opening my heart

Not a fan of this response, lots of "poor me" and kind of missing the point of lucylin's comments (of which I've read them all).

This man and his opinions have no validation in what he says.

From what I read from his comments and the responses, there were genuine questions asked and after a couple back and forth there was a wall put up and no further comments. I don't see the bullying anywhere and I think it's fairly closed-minded to see it as such.

because you are not for open communication but you become aggressive.

Never saw any aggression. More than happy to partake in open communication and discussion.

Disappointing to read considering the post you shared the other day about Mental Balance and this response seems to fall into Option A or B.

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@regenerette & @lucylin thank you for giving me the best laugh so far on Proof of Brain. This whole thread is gold and I wish I could upvote every comment, but payout was yesterday!

I am glad you enjoy it.

Got me a lot of hate in these weeks, a downvote, a delegation I didn't know about that went undelegated, and some Hive friends closer on Discord.

Who took their delegation back?

You do post a lot, but at the same time, there is worse offenders. The Twitter campaign people are really cringe but at the same time it'd helping onboarding new users so I give them a pass.

You seem to have good intentions so far.

I do have good intentions. I am used to forming groups, getting people in, I have a few on Facebook for about 10 years, on Quora, minds, Reddit, and a large community of students from Udemy. But I don't want to bring people in POB to get the same sh33ty experience I did.

The story is long and I won't get into it. I am sick and I don't value POB or blockchain further than the energy I have put in already. So I won't be engaging in further polemics. People like to play with a 1/4 of a phrase and twist it as they please. There is something fishy in here and I will let them do their game: my last words are here for them:

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I am talking about the 5 AM messages he was sending and his attitude a few days back when I decided to go to sleep instead of offering him an answer after another.
Not expecting empathy, but I only wish one of you were in my position so they could understand.

Poor me is close to paralysis...and stays in pain for several months, poor me can be seen in #Iamalivechallange from hospital to hospital. Poor me asks you gently not to follow her articles as they might not represent what you want to read. And thanks to you for being close for a while.
I see this is happening here, where my stake in POB is a nice one. I'll give to both of you for free when I'll leave this community.

I hope you have interesting POB articles to write to contribute to this community.
I wanted to ask Coaches, trainers, neuro marketers, people in the TaiChi and Yoga, and others to join this group and call them from my FB groups, I also wanted my peers in the Gamification design field to join here and make workshop nights for people to learn a different skill, related to human behavior. I guess this is not the right place to create something or to engage productively.

So, I was named today. Let's see who's next on @lucylin's list? If there's really anybody else.

I am talking about the 5 AM messages he was sending

It's 5am somewhere on the planet right now. I don't understand this logic.
If that's how you are perceiving this interaction and you feel like it's some kind of personal attack to destroy you then I can't help you there.

I'll just take the side door out of this conversation because I don't appreciate the manipulative undertones and continued poor me mentality.

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Why not stay and go through is?....There is zero animosity coming from me, I can assure you.

I am talking about the 5 AM messages he was sending and his attitude a few days back when I decided to go to sleep instead of offering him an answer after another.

mmm....very different time zone, maybe?

@proofofbrainio at this point, is there any sense for me to continue posting articles here?
Is there any point in bringing new people in that have a qualification and a background in brain-related fields?

Is there not? What is the problem?

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Yes, I think so, but that is up to you of course. I enjoy your posts and will continue to vote on them.

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I didn't know that. I am glad you do!