Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

in Proof of Brain9 months ago

Japan has long been fascinated with the robots so when my local train line decided to get rid of the human support and install two new support robots it was just another day in Japan.

I was in a hurry so unfortunately I didn't have time to interact with it.

One thing I do know, the only times I have had to interact with a station attendant was regarding ticket discrepancies or the like. I wonder how these guys will handle ticket issues? Maybe call a station attendant?

Looking at the picture now I notice the eyes are pink. I wonder if that means it's a female robot? Like it knew I was a guy and made itself female in order for a smoother interaction?

My mind is now racing about these robots so I need to go back and have a conversation with them. Ask them The Ultimate Question?

Thanks for reading!


interesting! I didn't know that it existed that type of robot

Neither did I, but I expect to see them a lot more now.

Japan is way ahead in terms of technology over other countries. But it might be challenging for tourists who had no experience with robots before, sometime human touch might be needed. Sending some !LUV

Next people will adopt robots as children!

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