The Power of Team Spirit on Hive


Greetings from me @salvadornkpara. Hope you're doing well. Today I want to share my thoughts about teamwork and team spirit. I believe that my post will meet you well. The question is: why do we continuously struggle as individuals to achieve life's greater goal, when we can join our forces to achieve more. Come on hive lovers let's let's join our strength to make world a better place and our lives more comfortable and worth living. For me am tired of struggling alone achieving little while there's a greater opportunity to achieve more with teamwork.


T - Together
E - Everyone
A - Achieves
M - More
The acronym above shows the power of a team. There's an African adage that says "it's easier to break a single broom stick, but it's very difficult to break a bunch of broom 🧹🧹🧹🧹." This implies that our challenges in life can easily overwhelm us as individuals, but as a team we can overcome any obstacle on our way no matter there size.


Unserious Teammates
In any event, personally I usually try to work in a team, but at some point some members of the team might be self-centered or selfish in carrying out the team task. These laxities from these teammates have made me develop a slogan that states 'Any work I involve myself can't die in my hands and during my time'. This has kept my going whenever am found among lazy and selfish teammates. The question is how can we achieve a team goal without unity of purpose?
Am of the opinion that we state clearly the distinction between teamwork and self-interest. And also state clearly when someone is working as a team and when the person is targeted to achieve a personal goal in life. Personal goals are very important as well as group goals. The distinction will be in the strategies applied in achieving them.


The Power of Team Delegation
Delegation or the power of delegation is one of the ingredients for a successful teamwork. In a team where there's a team leader, it's the duty of the team leader to delegate responsibilities to team members in order to know their abilities. It's through team delegation that a team identifies who's weak and who's strong among the team members. When this distinction is made, the strong among the teammates should be given more responsibilities than the weak. When this is done, it encourages them to meet their targeted goal. In relay race for instance, the strongest or the fastest will start the race in order to beat the time. Followed by the weak and finished by the strong. This process helps the team to achieve is targeted goal of winning the race. Any laxity from any teammate will cost the team their medals🏅🥇🏅. If the strong is discouraged by the pace of the weak, the team will eventually loss the race.

I conclude by saying that teamwork can start here on hive. It begins with you. What's your take about teamwork lovers of hive.


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