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When the emotions or the heart are pretty strong , reasoning doesn't stand a chance when emotions take control.
People decide they are in love with someone and are willing to endanger their lives if this someone doesn't reciprocate.. any amount of reasoning with such a person doesn't work.
The wholeness of a person is complete only when their thoughts, emotions and subconscious mind is brought to work in unison.
This is where most people fail as they have no understanding of their mind works.
Enjoyed reading your post.


Unison!!! That's the most important thing for a satisfied inner-self.

You have casted a good example of love emotions. None of our text books till date, even at the graduate level tell us that the emotions are from heart. We have been told about the influence of hormones and neurons (everything from brain) in making of emotions.
The emerging science of cardiac-neurology seems to support the laymen terminology of being guided by heart, the pain in heart, so on and so forth. The heart is literally at at the play in making of emotions.
Mmmmm. What I am thinking is heart is capable of reasoning (as it can think). However, reasoning from heart may drastically differ from the reasoning of our own mind, and so the conflict arises.

Thanks for adding valuable comment to my post, ma @sofs-su 🤗

True, I have read a lot of those researches that talk about how a heart transplant changes the very character of the person and how they take on the qualities of the person whose heart they now have. It has also changed the eating habits of people or even their choices in life.
Yes the heart is a center of reasoning , what I was trying to state is that it may not always be practical reasoning.

So true. The practicality that we learn from norms and societal standards are different from that of our heart's