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RE: A relationship that isn't perfect

in Proof of Brain2 years ago

Yes, exactly, there are billions of reasons why we slip into such situations. Then it depends on how we deal with each other. It is not so easy not to be offended and often not so hard to be offensive either. Not only the body can hurt, so can the soul and then it is best not to bury things but not to shout them out either.
If it was a case then I would be on your side, although I would never take sides because then it would be unfair and strain a relationship anyway. So, if you have a stomach ache then yes you can say that before you get in a bad mood and ask her to slow down because you'd like to go with her and it's all too fast for you. I think if you're in a bad mood, it's not rude. You're probably in a bad mood because she hasn't noticed that you're not keeping up.
What relationship is perfect. I know that many people argue. If you don't do that, a relationship is already almost perfect. We humans are each so different and we are often not an open book either.


I would never take sides because then it would be unfair

That's what we did regarding that situation. There was a little negativity, but we just didn't care about sorting it out - it wasn't relevant enough. We just have to deal with moments like this, when we're not in synch. As long as we don't keep looking back at the negativity and it doesn't keep repeating itself, it won't become emotional baggage, so why care at all!