This writing is relevant to our situation today

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This writing is relevant to our situation today


  • Long live the King
    Farewell umbrella killers.
    There will be no cool time
    But we may now have reached the next stage
  • King Salam, please tax a thousand times
    But don't hit the umbrella
    But the king agreed
    A special minister of the king said, "King, don't do this." The king said, "When they were giving more taxes, we had started beating the umbrella because these people would pay us more and more taxes, so now they will accept it, then now umbrella." Wazir Sahib said, "King, those who have brought a prayer to you today are all focused on umbrellas. The King did not listen to all my questions and asked them to go now, then they will decide on this important issue of thought. After thinking about this issue, what decision will all the people take? Gee J Pura King


  • Perhaps we are not looking at anything out of the ordinary, that is, we are also not sitting under an umbrella.