When you see oppression and abuse raise your voice and do not remain silent

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  • When you see oppression and abuse, raise your voice and do not remain silent.


  • How long will we and you continue to line up like sheep for things subsidized by our own relief money?
    In every city, such unfortunate incidents happen, poor people die to get cheap flour. And when the turn comes, the cheap flour suppliers close the doors

  • If from the census to electricity, gas and water tax bills can be delivered to homes, then how heavy a task it will be to deliver a bag of cheap flour to the home.
    Why don't we demand that these subsidized items, this flour, sugar, be given to a poor person at home.
    Why are our mothers, sisters and daughters getting wasted by standing in lines today? Is the cheap thing so expensive?
    Let's raise our voice and deliver cheap flour to those homes who are eligible
    If a bill can reach home, why not flour?
    Make this trend so common that the government is forced to deliver a bag of flour to the homes of all these poor people