You are right sir.. Gaining rewards on your second posts depends on how powerful your the posts is... Most people won't want to give you the same reward they gave to you in your first post. They prefer distributing this reward to other person on the platform.. I don't know if you understand what am saying....

Thanks for your comment sir

Yes I understand. If we are doing two posts they should be aimed at different people. For example those who support me in The Inkwell aren't going to be the same ones who are interested in my Feathered Friends post. So the votes are coming from different people :)

Now I get it.. Hmm.. I never thought of that.. Different votes from different communities.. That's nice.. Thanks for this..

I wouldn't suggest it as a habit, but it helps when you have a lot going on... What I'm saying is try to avoid two similar ones in a day no matter what 😂

Yea.. I get the point.. Thanks for your time..