Kidney Infection

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good day to you all,hope you all are good am very glad to be writing this post now. I would like to enlighten us about kidney infections.

kidney infections can be pyelonephritis it's an upper urinary tract infection (UTI).it always starts from the bladder and it will travel up to the kidney.
some kidney infection can develop without a bladder infection it can be from the problem within the kidney itself.


kidney infection can occur at any age in one's life and from medical practitioners it's proven that kidney infection it's more common in women than men.
this is because the woman's urethra is closer to the anus which might allow bacteria to be easily introduced from the bowel and travels up the urethra.

Causes of kidney infection
the bacteria that causes a kidney infection are the same as those that causes ordinary urinary tract bacteria can enter into the urethra from the skin around it.and this happens when the bacteria escape the bladder and urethra and go up to the ureters to one or both kidneys.

Bacteria from an infection elsewhere in your body also can spread through your bloodstream to your kidneys.using diagnostic testing that can enable a scope to enter the urinary tract as cystoscopy.
Having a urinary tract blockage this can slows the flow of urine or reduces your ability to empty your bladder when urinating including a kidney stone, something abnormal in your urinary tract's structure in men and enlarged prostate gland.

Symptoms of kidney infection
.overwhelming urge to urinate.
.bloody or smelly urine
.severe pain and tenderness in the abdomen
.nausea and vomiting

Prevention of kidney infection
.don't hold up a urine for so long in your bladder.
.drink plenty of water everyday.
.constipation can increase the chances of a bladder avoid constipation.

“No need to worry,The closest I've ever come to an STD was a kidney infection. I always put a raincoat on the little fella before heading into a storm".
— L. H. Cosway