So, What Functions Were They Trying to Gain?

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I had my second vaccination on June 1. The picture shows the top part of my proof of vaccination card.

On June 2, I felt sick and was sore all over with a headache and a temperature of 100.5° F. But I feel better today. I guess getting sick is proof that the vaccination worked.

Idle Speculation

The rest of this post is about idle speculation. As Biden would say: "Come on man, I like to speculate."

Come to think of it, I speculate every time I buy HIVE. So it is only natural to speculate while posting to HIVE.

Anyway, Something strange appears to have happened in the body politics.

Apparently people are open to the lab leak theory and people can utter the word "gain of function" without being canceled.

Personally, I suspected a lab leak from the beginning. When viruses leap species there is usually a gap between when it first enters the species and when it becomes highly contagious.

COVID19 exploits ACE receptors. Bats, pangolins and humans have different ACE receptors. COVID19 appeared to be optimized to spread in human populations from the starting gate.

That was very suspicious.

The fact that CCP engaged in a cover up was also suspicious.

One of most suspicious aspects of the pandemic was the speed with which China published the genetic code for the virus.

Viruses are very tiny. It usually takes awhile to isolate and publish the genetic code.

So, lets imagine that COVID19 was produced by gain of function research.

A second question follows: What functions were researchers seeking to gain?

BTW: This second question should follow any mention of "gain of function."

Since we can talk again, I will voice a pet theory.

I will start by pointing out that many virologists have studied the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). The HIV virus attacks the human immune system as is implied by its name.

I contend that virologists have been deeply interested in the interaction between our immune system and viruses for the last several decades.

COVID19 has odd interactions with the human immune system. Notably, the lethal cytokine storms and the blood clotting reactions are immune responses.

If COVID-19 was the product of gain of function research; I think it is likely that the immune system was the function that researchers were wanting to study.

I am not opposed to studying the immune system. I believe that molecular biologists have made many wonderful discoveries in their investigations of the immune system in the last few decades.

I am not entirely sold on the lab leak theory. However, if the gain-of-function theory were true; then it would be worthwhile to ask what functions researchers were seeking to gain.

Turning Off the Idle Speculation Mode

The way proper science works is that people develop hypotheses and explore the different hypotheses.

In proper science, people need to explore every idea. I would have been upset if the intelligentsia censored people who explored the bat thesis.

What yanks my chain is that the intelligentsia stifled an interesting area of investigation that could have proven vital if the gain-of-function theory were true.

Anyway, I thought that this would be a fun question for #AskHive : If the gain-of-function theory were true; what function do you think the researchers were trying to gain?

If the gain of function theory is true; what function do you think scientists were investigating before the lab leak?

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I think they were trying to gain bitcoin, and stonks at a low price, lol! They were trying to gain power, poison, fear. Maybe they were trying to combine traits, like develop a real life super Batman! Who knows, but everything about it is suspicious.

It is good to speculate. Who knows what may have happened though, I try not to think too much about it because it has already eaten so deep into two years of our lives

The function to gain was to be transmittable to human beings. Something I have yet to see real proof of since the tests they use are bogus, anyway. Then they added HIV code to it so it could attack the circulatory system. The S-protien is also created by the mRNA by the so-called "vaccines". These create unusual blood clots. They took something that was highly contagious and made it also very dangerous.

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They are trying to gain the upper hand in biological warfare.... but now we have modeRNA

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