Gyming and getting that Christmas spirit 🎅🏼 😮‍💨

in Model-Agency2 months ago

Hi guys, I didn’t talk a lot about my training and it’s not happening that much. I am back at it. I am doing really well. I was really scared because of my back to do some deadlifts and squats with weights but everything is fine. I did do everything with my weighta that I was left on one month ago so even though I didn’t use creatine I still had the strength for doing it so I hope that from January I’m going to raise my personal record
for now I am not careful about my diet and it’s not actually about the calories. I’m just not managing to get enough of calories in that also means enough protein but I don’t want to be super upset about it I just want to be healthy in my head and I am doing really good and I’m feeling really good with my training, so yes I am I’m satisfied with everything how it’s going

And oh my God I have stuffed nose and I’m so sad because I don’t want to get sick. I want to get into and Christmas and we always do get our you know Christmas tree up just a few days before New Year’s because we celebrate orthodox Christmas so it is 7th of January so we just do it a few days before new year but now I just want to know to get that spirit of the Christmas so I will be getting my Christmas 🎄 tomorrow hehe