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I was talking with my good friend last week about courage.


The question in my mind usually goes to what would I do if I had more courage, but he asked me what would I stop doing if I had more courage.

It is difficult to find the courage to change things when they are comfortable enough, and to push for something better regardless of what adversity will result. What is difficult is the courage to change who we are.


This caught me pretty off guard. My wife and I are currently going through the toughest season of our lives, and for the most part we are going through it alone.


The definition of courage is “strength in the face of pain or grief”. Courage for me has come back to holding the sacredness of the non negotiable foundations we have set for our family. To say no to the things that steal our unity, time, freedom, health, or joy. To choose strength regardless of the grief that will come. To choose the hard road for the things that we hold most valuable. A family living true, an inspired community, and the space to create beauty. If I had more courage what would I stop doing? I would stop ignoring a neighbor in need. I would quit worrying about what people think of me and speak the truth. I would stop letting friends out of accountability to their words. I would quit worrying about if I’m getting enough work done and spend more time at home. I would stop doing art shows that take me away from my family. I would stop accepting tomorrow as a good day for change.



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