fungiFriday discovered a large type of fungus that thrives at the base of a dead mango tree.

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hello all mushroom lovers..... how are you all.... today we meet again in the #fungifriday community of course to showcase the types of mushrooms we found,

on this occasion I have prepared some pictures of large mushrooms that I have ever found,

this is my contribution to the #fungifriday community organized by @ewkaw

that size mushroom I found it when I harvested the oil palm fruit, right in the middle of the garden I found it, and the mushroom grew at the base of the mango tree that had been cut by the garden owner or the mango tree was dead and had started to rot, that's where The big mushroom grows

The mushroom was really the biggest size I've ever found, at that time I was really tired from working to harvest oil palm fruit, when I found the mushroom, I immediately smiled and the tiredness disappeared immediately, even though sweat was pouring out of my body. me, I'm still happy and happy because I found one of the large types of mushrooms..

at that time after I found and saw the mushroom, I thought for a moment, how come the fungus can grow at the base of the mango tree, even the mushroom has spread and grown on the ground, and its size is still the same size,,

the large size of the mango tree was about the size of my body, in the end I sat on the mango tree that had been cut, and the mushroom that was that size was really hard, when I climbed on top of the mushroom and stepped on it the mushroom didn't break, and undamaged, he's really hard this kind of big mushroom,
I relaxed for a moment and stepped on the mushroom while sitting on a chopped mango tree,

friends, you can see me sitting on the mango tree, and mushrooms under my feet. ...???

they are plastic socks, red and blue, because the shoes I use are too narrow, that's why I use red and blue plastic for replacement socks, so that my feet are slippery and not pinched by shoes..

the last time I took two selfie pictures, with the fungus growing at the base of a dead mango tree,

that's my story about large mushrooms on this occasion,, if there is a long life next Friday we will meet again,,

warm greetings from me @alvonsohiver I hope you are all healthy always.... and see you again next Friday...


That's a giant! :D

right...... that mushroom is very big,, very fitting we call him a giant..

all the mushrooms you share today are very good friends

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