The Beauty of Two Types of Mushrooms I Found In the Aceh Forest

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Hello friends, everyone @fungifriday wherever you are. How are you......? I hope all of you are fine.

on this very valuable occasion I want to show you two very beautiful types of mushrooms.

the first mushroom Amanita thiersii Bas that I found growing on rotten wood stems a little runny.Amanita thiersii mushroom is a mushroom that contains toxic substances. So with that I urge all friends in this community do not consume this type of mushroom because it is very dangerous for our bodies, can even be fatal.

and the second Hare's-Foot Inkcap mushroom that I found growing on rotten or rotten areca nut shoots, slightly runny. This mushroom was originally a white circle and had white scales on it. Then this mushroom changed with age, towering upwards and the top circle of the mushroom also opened, the white top of the mushroom also turned black, while the white scales turned into black ink also.

We can eat this mushroom, even we village people usually harvest it in the afternoon, it is still in the form of a white circle. the next morning this mushroom will be like below.

So my short summary tonight if there are mistakes I apologize profusely. This Is My Contribution To #Fungifriday By @Ewkaw.thanks


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