FungiFriday - A collection of various wild mushrooms

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This is My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

Many types of mushrooms that I found not in the same day. But I get it every time I go hunting.

The story is, every time I go hunting in the forest or in the bushes, or on land that has not been managed by the owner for a long time, when I see mushrooms I don't just leave them. I shoot it and I save it in the smartphone gallery to wait for #FungiFriday

For this first mushroom species I show you, it's a bit difficult to come up with a name. Because google shows a lot of mushrooms that are almost similar to the mushrooms I'm looking for. Hopefully not wrong.

Sebacina schweinitzii



It's not enough to just one mushroom species. It's like I'm not quite satisfied with one type of mushroom, so I really like the variety.

Variety is beautiful in my opinion. And see how the mushrooms grow with their own shapes and ways.




Gymnopus dryophilus


Conocybe aurea



Marasmius siccus


If there is an error in giving the names of mushrooms, please let me know. Thank you!

CameraOppo Reno6 + Macro Lens
CategoryMushrooms Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia

That's a very beautiful mushroom mate, you've photographed this mushroom with a macro that looks good.

Thank you @mnurhiver. I did it with a happy feeling 😊

wow Sebacina schweinitzii mushrooms look very cool and beautiful with a very interesting uniqueness:)

Yes, it looks like they're still babies, and I'm curious to see them grow up.

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