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Hi Hive! it's the FarmingTales team talking to you, we are trying to integrate the world of Hive with our project and this makes us really euphoric!

We want to leave you additional lines of presentation accompanied by some of the works that we are finishing for our video game.

Our DApp will be a Farmville style game, obviously based on NFT. Each user will have a farm to grow as they like, and the various pieces of these farms will be NFTs with three degrees of rarity. Farm products can be sold on an in-game market, where users will earn a currency called "sestertius". This coin can be used to buy new parts for farms, which can be used by its owner or sold on secondary markets.
There will also be a village, called New Waxchester, where farmers can improve their products (for example, fruit juice from peaches). The New Waxchester shops will be owned by the players themselves, who may have fees on the operations carried out by others.
But the best part of the project is the one related to the real world. Our users can become "owners" of small parts of our real farms located in Italy, producing their honey and their saffron. And Sestertii will be used also to buy our products. Obviously our farms are regularly registered here in Italy and authorized for e-commerce. Before the summer we had a promotional season during which we delivered more than 300 kg of Italian organic honey to our users' homes.






Is it similar to Dcrop? Hope it would be interesting when launched.

Dcrop is shacking.
We offer our own coin ( SEST ) but users also earn NFTs that can buy sell on the secondary market.
For now we are launching on Wax and only using Hive to store some data but we have big plans for Hive too. NFTs, token hive-engine, screenshots of your customized home with your game stats, etc etc

i love this, linking a game with physical work activities. i had this idea ten years ago or so for A Plan for Peace and started seeking developers. But i let it drop.
Would you be interested in incorporating a Community Governance system into the Farming Tales community and game? It is revolutionary and could well send Farming Tales into orbit if you help The Matrix-8 Solution get off the ground in this way. The characters in the game would have a Trusted Reputation score, based on feedback from their peers, for example. i include a link and talk breifly about this community governance system in this post i just wrote. Feedback appreciated.

Much Love

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