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RE: How someone may have attempted to insurance scam me tonight

I'm surprised he did not include loss of income in his list of potential damages against you. Him being delayed by over one and a half hours and not getting any fare during all that time. He obviously was out to get something from you which makes me to conclude that this isn't the first time it happened to him and he has had success in fleecing something out of those poor people who had the misfortune of bumping into him, no matter how small the damage is. Good for you for keeping your wits and I admire your hubby for keeping his cool despite his waving his phone in front of you and threatening you. I would have gone off the moon and tackled him right there and there.


I wouldn't be surprised if he had that planned, he mentioned something about loss of income and having to turn down jobs on his app, as if I cared 😏. It's like if he mentions everything first it will strengthen his claim in future. He's not exactly the smartest guy.

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