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RE: How someone may have attempted to insurance scam me tonight

in TeamUK4 months ago

Whoa, that sounds very unpleasant @livinguktaiwan. Very glad to hear the police appear to have handled it in a professional manner. Once they appeared ...

"I hope this little unpleasant incident is all there is to it."

Yes, let the professionals at your insurance firm "run interference" for you, in settling that matter. That is what they are paid to do for you and your loved ones.

And hope that is the end of it!


I don't think the police were very impressed when he mentioned a whiplash... the driver has reported it to his insurer overnight, probably think he'll try his luck. Need to take my car in to the rental company in a minute for them to see the 'non' damage. But i'm confident there's nothing he can claim.

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