Relax on Ujong Blang Bireuen Beach, With Your Beloved Family.

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Relax on Ujong Blang Bireuen Beach, With Your Beloved Family.

The afternoon was so hot, the sunny weather did not stop my family and I from enjoying a weekend together, since the holy month of Ramadan is coming, we chose Ujong Blang Bireuen Sea Beach to relax together.

Not far from where we live, only 10 kilometers away, we do the trip to the beach by car. When we got there, we immediately took a resting place that had been managed by related parties.

The weather that afternoon was very hot, not many people enjoyed the blue sea water, people just prefer to relax in a resting place. Only a few people can be seen enjoying the beauty of the sea water by swimming.

At the resting place, we immediately ordered the food and drink menu offered by the waiter, we agreed to choose noodles as a complementary food and young coconut water to accompany our rest. The gentle breeze, the hot weather, the calm sea water and the melodious sound of the waves really tempt us to always stay on the beach, which is the pride of the Bireuen people.

Ujong Blang Bireuen Beach is equipped with various public facilities, there are children's games, a large parking area, restaurants, bathrooms and places of worship. The food served is also very appetizing, various types of Acehnese culinary menus are served there. You can also find various types of fresh drinks on the beach.