Driving Adrenaline Using Bicycles.

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Driving Adrenaline Using Bicycles.


This weekend I spend time with friends to exercise, the sport we do is casual cycling or riding along the top of Cot Gombhan Bireuen.

A beautiful and bright morning started my routine and my colleagues at that time, before leaving for our destination we had a moment to gather for a moment in a city park to determine the route we want to take. After the route was mutually agreed upon, we immediately paddled our bikes in a relaxed manner.


From the city center, we immediately entered the residential area, through the village community plantation road to our destination. The journey we went through that morning was very tiring, the hot weather was able to remove sweat from the body and was able to reduce stamina. The road to climb becomes our food when we enter the mountainous area, up to the top.


At the top of the hill we took a short break for an hour enjoying the beauty of the universe and breathing fresh air. Shady trees complemented our retreat at that time, a gentle breeze was able to relieve fatigue in an instant. Besides that, we had the chance to enjoy snacks and mineral water drinks that we had prepared, small talk and several discussions had also occurred there, causing laughter full of happiness.


When the fatigue was gone, we immediately returned to descend from that height, the track we are currently going through is a downhill track, be very careful of course when riding a bicycle when the road is down. Until finally we arrived at the residential area and immediately returned to our homes.