Some of the advantages of women who can rise from adversity.

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Some of the advantages of women who can rise from adversity.

It's not an easy thing when you fall, down and have a lot of problems.

Deep down, you definitely need someone who can always give you encouragement and support and can even make you bounce back.

But someone who is used to getting up alone when he falls, tries to heal his own wounds when he is sick.

Not depending on others to heal then she will have these five advantages especially for a woman so these are these advantages and courage.


  1. Not Pessimistic Living
    A person will not be easily pessimistic in living life when he has lived a life that is not easy.

It takes a long process and journey to have the courage to face all situations.

It was this experience of ups and downs that made him less angry and irritated in the face of unwelcome situations.

Always try to get up yourself with the best effort.

  1. Focus on Finding Solutions
    Women like this will not wait to be encouraged by others, not much drama and more focused on finding solutions.

So that every problem is solved without exaggeration, and people around you feel comfortable because it doesn't prolong the problem.


  1. Do not like to exaggerate problems
    Every time there is a problem he always tries to accept, encourage himself by saying yes never mind, how else, because life's problems will never end.

More confident to overcome every problem and don't want to be complicated by exaggerating problems.

  1. Make Others Comfortable
    It is very happy if life does not make other people feel pressured and burdened.

Because someone who always depends on others will be more independent so that other people feel comfortable.


  1. Not Easily Disturbed
    Anxiety and sadness is enough, but after rising he will face all the realities that exist.

Not sad too much, because every time he is faced with a difficult situation he feels his life is worth fighting for.