Próximo evento, obras de arte /Next event, works of art

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Estos cuadros se exhibieron el año pasado , el autor está invitado este fin de semana para explicar algunas obras en uno de los centros comerciales de la ciudad , será un evento magnífico al que tengo la suerte de estar invitado

These paintings were exhibited last year , the author is invited this weekend to explain some works in one of the shopping centers in the city , it will be a magnificent event to which I am lucky to be invited

No soy un experto, pero me encanta analizar estas maravillosas obras. Les deseo un feliz jueves y gracias por visitar mi blog

I am not an expert , but I love to analyze these wonderful works . I wish you a happy Thursday and thanks for visiting my blog


I have a very "close" or "near" feeling from these artwork. Base on the Chinese characters, the author either is a Chinese or he/she is someone who have very deep influence in Chinese culture.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for going through my blog and leaving your comment, I appreciate it