Activities Friday, 1/15/2021, Work and Sports Cycling with Friends.

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Activities Friday, 1/15/2021, Work and Sports Cycling with Friends.

Friday, 1/15/2021 is a very special day for me and my family, where on that day, I was able to spend some time for my family for a while.


Starting the morning activities with enthusiasm, after waking up and cleaning myself, I immediately enjoyed breakfast with my family. The food menu that has been served by my beloved wife is anchovy fried rice which is directly cooked by her beloved wife, this simple menu is the beginning of my activities before leaving for work.



After breakfast, I immediately prepared the need to go to work, a motorbike that was faithfully a means of transportation had been waiting for me for a long time. A few minutes on my way to work, the weather was cloudy, the breeze accompanied my trip to my destination.

Arriving at work, I immediately changed my clothes, washed my face and washed my hands before carrying out my next activity as a Barista serving various types of drinks to customers. I went through this activity with enthusiasm, a cup of filtered coffee typical of Aceh or Solong started my activities there.




I have prepared various drink orders one by one to meet the demands of enthusiasts, the hot water that always accompanies my activities as a barista with a loyal following. As a barista, I have to be able to mix various types of drinks with love so that customers taste good and enjoy drinking. I prepare drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and other halal drinks one by one for customers who order.



When the break time arrived, I immediately took a break and hurried to clean myself, after cleaning myself I rushed to close the place of business and went to the mosque to fulfill my Friday prayer obligations. I performed Friday prayers at the Sultan Jeumpa Mosque, Bireuen, which is only one kilometer from where I work.

After Friday prayers, I immediately reopened my business premises and worked for an hour, every Friday I only worked half a day. After the work period was over, I immediately returned home to rest for a moment. When I got home, I immediately cleaned myself and took a break, a cup of coffee made by my beloved wife to accompany my lunch break with my family.



Evening greetings, the next activity I do is exercise, I do sports this afternoon with friends by cycling (riding). By cycling, of course, it can nourish the body and avoid various diseases. Cycling with friends is currently traveling 20 kilometers, the route or track we are taking is a rural road in Bireuen.

After cycling exercise, I immediately returned home to continue other activities. Congregational prayers with family, dinner with family and talking with family are the activities on this evening. After gathering with my family, I immediately took a break.

That's a brief story of my life on Friday, 1/15/2021.