New Years

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Good evening good evening,I hope everyone had a wonderful day! It is officially 2023. Doesn’t feel like 2022 was even a year just a blur in the wind. Crazy how time flies the older you get. This new years I’m just keeping it simple. A good buddy of mine named Sky had decided to invite me over to watch an anime called “Dragon Ball Super” and have a few drinks as well as toke up a little bit.


I’ve known sky for a little over 2 years now,I consider him to be a close friend of mine.


This is the new years rip! Happy to make it to 2023 and I’m glad to have who I have in my life!


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Happy new year! And just FYI, post up a smoke report on whatever flower your smoking on. Posts like this one here do very well. But besides that we need more content in the cannabis community.


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there is a tag called #weedcash 😁


Gonna have to use the tags!!!


@canna-curate passed you the virtual joint!
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Haha that's awesome

Happy new year man I wish you the best!