Feeling Saucy πŸ’§

in #hive-152232 β€’ 14 days ago

*Caught. Totally. Off. Guard. πŸ˜…

Yeah, I know a lot of people on Hive may have a convoluted view of me since the @ReggaeSteem debacle. But, I love you guys lol I’m tipsy as fuck, yet my heart is clean and my soul is balanced β€”just ask my pet Doctor Bird 🐦 and my Pet Snake 🐍

Crypto has been good to me. 😏

However, I forgot about my stakeholders β€”my followers. Rest assured, I’m back. Bitcoin helped me buy @canjamretreat, Hive is gonna be foundation of my marketing efforts and therefore my primary crypto investment (aside from building back my BTC holdings) πŸ™ƒ

Anyway, while this rum and plum sets in.


... I wish you a festive weekend, cheers!

Peace ✌🏽

Photo Credit: @Shari.Porter