## #Thursday Selfie – my friend from Chinatown

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#ThursdaySelfie – my friend from Chinatown


Hi Hivers,

My Thursday selfie is with my first friend in Argentina, I met her at my job 4 months after arriving in this country. Her name is Mireya, like my mom, and we both worked as "saleswomen" in a store in Chinatown, one of the most important tourist places in Buenos Aires.

Every day we would go out to eat together at Plaza Barrancas Belgrano, most of the workers and laborers in the area eat sitting there on the grass. As we had 1 hour for lunch, one day we decided to walk around Chinatown as tourists and obviously we had to take the typical picture at the arch guarded by two big dragons on each side, which welcomes you to the place. They say that if you place your hand inside the dragon's mouth and make a wish, it gives you luck.



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