CLOSED - #STB Creative Writing Prompt - No. 25

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Come on over guys! It's that time of the week when Cinnamon Cup Coffee pours out the weekly prompt, giving you the chance to #SPILLTHEBEANS for our Creative Writing Challenge.

If you are reading this, you are invited to join this week's challenge.

See this week's topic below, with a countdown timer that needs to be observed. The entry deadline for posts ends on Tuesday at 22:30 UTC time, with the countdown timer at the top and the bottom of this post, guiding you to the cut-off time.

Thank you all for being involved so far, and for raising the bar. We hope that you'll have fun creating the stories that you continue to produce week after week. You all have been amazing, so keep shining ;-)


  • ⚠️ Post to Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community

  • ⚠️ Use #spillthebeans as the first tag

  • ⚠️ No less than 250 words and no more than 1000 words MAX!

  • ⚠️ Post in English ONLY

  • ⚠️ Post within the Countdown Timer. (No late entries)

  • One entry per person.

  • Drop a link to your entry in the comments section of this post.

  • Adhere to general community rules.

Late entries will be muted!

So, without further ado, here's the prompt for the week.

There’s a good coffee bean, an evil tea bag, and a magic pot. They’re all at a New Year’s party. The fate of the year will be decided by what transpires between the bean and the bag as the clock strikes midnight. Tel.jpg

Create your unique story title in English ONLY

Option 1 There’s a good coffee bean, an evil tea bag, and a magic pot. They’re all at a New Year’s party. The fate of the year will be decided by what transpires between the bean and the bag as the clock strikes midnight. Tell us their story!

Option 2
There are lots of traditions from across the globe that people indulge in, from eating twelve grapes to throwing plates at neighbours’ doors to cutting an apple in half to reveal the "prediction" held at its core. Tell us a coffee-related story based on any New Year’s tradition that you think will bring you good luck for the coming year and how the change will influence your new life.

Remember, it's a "Creative Writing Challenge" - Be imaginative and original. Cover all the elements that make a good story.

Have Fun!


Here is a link with some Creative Writing Tips and #Spillthebeans Writing Tips.

⚠️ #spillthebeans MUST be your first tag, and if your story does not cover any of the relevant scenarios presented, your post will be muted for fairness to other competitors.

C'mon, put your creative caps on!

And ...

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 3 months ago  

Hi there, @cinnccf. 😃 Your prompts are an exciting way to welcome 2023 because I had some fun writing this.

I hope you like it. 😊🤗


 3 months ago  

Happy New Year to you.

Thanks for your early entry:)

 3 months ago  

The pleasure is mine. 😊

Happy new year @cinnccf. Here is my entry for the week's prompt.

Thank you!

 3 months ago  

Thanks for your entry:)

What a great prompt 🙌

Here's my submission, and happy New Year 🎆🎆🎆

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Happy New Year to all coffee lovers.

Here I bring you a nice story of peace between 2 sides that could not stand each other. This is my wish for the world in this 2023.

First, Happy New Year to the beautiful Cinnamon Cup coffee community! 🎇💕

I wish the best to the community and to all the coffee lovers who are gathered here to talk about this delicious drink. ☕

As always, I'm happy to participate in this new #spillthebeans.

Here is my participation:

 3 months ago  

Greetings friends, happy new year. Here is my participation

Hello friends, what a pleasure to participate again in the creative writing challenge, I chose the second option and here I share my entry, I hope you like it, greetings to all.

What a great fun prompt to start the New Year! Here is my entry!
999 word count - just sneaked in under the limit hahaha

It was a pleasure to participate again, my first post of the year and it's on Cinnamon, Yeah!!!!

I am very happy to make my first publication in this beautiful community and even more with this great initiative.

 3 months ago  

Happy New Year!! 🎉💜☕

I share with you a love story that put an end to an absurd war: and they lived happily ever after.


Hello dear community, I hope you have a happy year 2023. Here is my participation in this beautiful initiative.

Season greetings, here is My entry for the prompt.