Cafe "Nam House" - A Place to Recreate the History of Vietnamese People in the 90s

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Hi guys 😊, How is your day going?

If life and work make you too tired, then stop for a while, find a place to relax and sit down, I will share with you interesting stories, interesting places that I have experienced, you No need to do anything, just listen and enjoy, I will take you back to the old days of Vietnam in this post!


In a bustling tourist city like Da Nang - people work hard to keep up with the trend of modernization. In the middle of such a bustling city, there is a cafe that keeps memories of the past, gentle and peaceful. The place that I want to introduce to you today is a small coffee shop called Nam House. This is not simply an ordinary coffee shop but it will bring you back to the life of the 90s.


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Nostalgic Coffee Shop Named "Nam House"

Nam House - is an old house with a nostalgic, warm, intimate space and bold culture of old Vietnamese life. Located deep in alley 15 on Le Hong Phong street - Hai Chau district - Da Nang, Nam House is both a cafe and a place to display antiques and Vietnamese art works. It will be an interesting place for people who are passionate about discovering new things and collecting antiques.

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Nam House has a very "old" appearance, but when you step into the shop, you feel like you are stepping into another world. In front of the shop, there are just a few small beautiful bonsai pots, but the inside of the house is decorated in the style of Vietnam in the 90s. It can be jokingly said that Nam House is like a Doraemon time machine that brings you back to the past.

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Inspired by the old traditional houses of the Vietnamese people, the owner used everyday items as the main decoration. Not only to recreate the old life, but the owner also wants to preserve the love for previous generations in his family through these historical objects.

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Entering the South House, you will see an old decoration space with old music players, radios, black and white televisions,... these are objects that in my generation could only be seen in movies or known. through the stories of the elderly. The floral tiles on the floor, the black and white photos on the wall, the wooden furniture and the layout are all in the style of the old days. I really felt like I was reliving those old days.

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The cozy space of Nam House consists of two floors and a small garden divided into different small corners. Each corner of the shop has its own stories full of memories of the old days. The interior decoration of each corner of the house is also very special and unique, creating something new and interesting for visitors. The yellow walls make you think of Hoi An ancient town, the peeling walls are all reminiscent of the old house style of the Vietnamese people. In addition, Nam House has a skylight garden, a small aquarium, where you can comfortably watch the sky or watch the fish swimming in the aquarium and enjoy a cup of coffee and peaceful times while here.

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The Ideal Space To Drink Coffee

Besides the cozy, familiar and nostalgic space, the drinks are also very popular. Nam House serves delicious clean coffee and has many family-owned drinks with carefully selected ingredients and sent from the North to Da Nang. These drinks are made and processed by the entire family of 3 generations of the owner. It is both the job and also the joy and cohesion of the owner's family.

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Nam House is not only for those who love to discover antiques but also an ideal space for people to bring their families to drink coffee. This is also an opportunity for parents to tell their children stories about the life and culture of the old days and about items that grandparents used. Thus, children can better understand history and their ancestors.

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Enjoying a warm cup of coffee in a space filled with old memories and listening to soothing music will help your soul become more peaceful and comfortable, which will make you forget the hustle and bustle. . If you are a coffee lover, you can choose for yourself one of the coffees such as egg coffee, coconut milk coffee, Saigon milk coffee,...


In addition, Nam House cafe also serves healthy drinks such as juices, smoothies, teas, etc. There are also Vietnamese-style drinks such as dracontomelon and apricot.

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I am a Vietnamese living in a new generation, I really appreciate and love spaces where history can be recreated like here. If you also want to enjoy a peaceful time and learn about the old life of Vietnamese people, then visit Nam House coffee shop. Thank you for reading my post, have a nice day

 3 months ago  

Hello @daohiep, this post makes me smile. It's like a walk down memory lane. I had so many of these items in my possession; Only thing is, it was not so long ago, because I am not big on technology and pissed off my friends who bought me new stuff to get with the times😅

I would absolutely love to visit this place, and I think I'd take many photos as you've done.

I bet the coffee is awesome too:)

Yep. This place is like a place that takes me back to the past, the items here are really cool ☺️. I took a lot of pictures, maybe 200 pictures but I can't post them all 😅😅

Coffee is also very good and has a variety of dishes

Hello, I loved the Nam House, to be able to show all those things to the children of things used in the past, it is for them a discovery and many memories for the relatives. Thanks for sharing with us and take advantage of going for a good coffee.

I'm sure the kids will find it interesting and new with the items here. I have a lot more interesting things to share with you, stay tuned for the next post 😘

wow it's a very eccentric place it's like the place where the past and the future come together, great memories of the 90's and maybe that old, great post ...

Yes, that place is really cool, it preserves the things of the past and recreates history, helping people in the next generation understand more about the culture of the 90s 😊

Beautiful blog, I love your writing and your wonderful photos, at least I knew the NaM house, thanks to you, very interesting that story.
Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you for liking my post, please look forward to more interesting things in the next post 😘

Lén lén lấy vài cái đồ về dùng 😁

haha tai mắt khắp nơi a ơi :v

Đi tương tác với mn khác trên các cộng đồng H hay viết đi.

I want to go there. It so interesting place Nam Dang House :)
In my town, have a place like Nam Dang. Namely is Cong Api House. But it same like museum, cannot enjoying a cup of tea/coffee :(

một quán cafe thú vị. có dịp chị sẽ đến đây. cảm ơn em đã chía sẽ

Dạ chị đến quán thử đi ạ, bên ngoài nó đẹp hơn so với những gì e chụp á, e chụp bằng điện thoại nên không thể hiện hết được 😅

Vầy là xuất sắc rồi 😊

 2 months ago  

Nice, i like this your story and history. Becuase I want to see Vietnam for live.

Thank you for liking this, come to Vietnam and experience the interesting things in my country 😊

 2 months ago  

Hello @daohiep

We're Looking forward to seeing you soon;-)
Have a great day!

Yep, The space here is very cozy and peaceful

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Xịn v mà k rủ mình đi taaa 😆

kkk giờ đi 🤣

Enjoying a warm cup of coffee in a space filled with old memories and listening to soothing music will help your soul become more peaceful and comfortable, which will make you forget the hustle and bustle. . If you are a coffee lover, you can choose for yourself one of the coffees such as egg coffee, coconut milk coffee, Saigon milk coffee,...

i really like how u park your motorbike right inside ur house. :)

haha, that's the unique decoration of the coffee shop 😅

Hi, I'm very impressed with your article and the photos you took are so cute. I really want to visit that cafe.

Thank you for liking these photos of me, if you have a chance to come to Da Nang please visit this coffee shop 😂

I love the vintage vibes of this place, very nice!