My review of rich coffee ice cream in the form of rolls

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Hello dear friends of cinnamon, as always it is a pleasure for me to write and be part of this great community, today I bring you a delicious coffee in a very peculiar way, I hope you enjoy the process of its preparation as much as I did, here is the video.

Enrollados Venezuela, for me, is an innovative and very creative company when it comes to offering its products to the public.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

I tried the coffee milkshake that I showed you in a publication, which I must say is a splendid product, since that day I wanted to try an ice cream in the form of rolls, they have a great variety for all tastes, but my favorite is the coffee and chocolate called Coffee Time and Dark Night.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

I went out with my parents to run some errands, I took advantage that I had saved some of the hive payments and wanted to try something delicious, so we decided to return to Enrolados Venezuela and try this delicious product, which I wanted since that day of my first visit.

When I arrived at the store I was offered the ice cream menu, they all looked really rich, but my goal was the coffee, I placed my order and the guy who attended me at the cashier was very kind, he told me that I could record the process of preparation, I went to the part where they perform the process I took out my cell phone and began to capture the moment, it was amazing everything the guy did, seeing the ingredients mixed gives you the impression that being thin sheets will not be many servings of ice cream.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

Well now let's go with the preparation process and start with the ingredients of this magnificent work of art.


Dehydrated espresso coffee
Oreo powder
Ice cream base


Chocolate and caramel syrup
Whipped cream

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.


Place the Oreo and the coffee powder in the base where the ice cream will be made.

Then add the caramel and the ice cream base, in addition to that add ice I think.

Now mix all the ingredients until everything is united.

The next step is to spread the mixture all over the base.

Then with the paddle they take out the ice cream rolls, I think there are approximately 5 and if they don't fit they give you one separately in a spoon.

The last part is that they put whipped cream, whipped cream, lollipop (which is a small Nutella-filled wafer) but since it was over, they gave me Brownie, they also put caramel syrup, but I asked for chocolate.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

I was anxious to eat that rich ice cream of all the rolls they brought out, they gave me one in a spoon, so I could taste it while they finished preparing the ice cream.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

The taste was something out of this world, my favorite part was the whipped cream, the brownie was spectacular, let me tell you that the ice cream was quite heavy, impossible to eat for one person, the chocolate syrup gave a magical touch to the ice cream one of the best flavors I've ever tasted and also very creamy.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.

Totally recommended this cold coffee dessert, I already wrote it down in my list of favorites for hot days.

This original image was taken using my Samsung A50 phone.


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 2 months ago  

great thank you very much

 2 months ago (edited) 

Thank you very much for your support dear friend, I'm glad you stopped by here. 😊

Yay! 🤗
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 2 months ago  

That ice cream looks delicious. It's nice that the attendant let you film the process. Very cool!


 2 months ago  

Hi, yes it is a delicious ice cream and even though they are sheets, my surprise is that it is a lot of ice cream for one person, it was great that they let me record the process and present it to you.

 2 months ago  

Hello @eollarvesm
This is such an interesting procedure. I'm happy you shared this video of the preparation because otherwise, I would have thought it was just scooped of ice cream in the container. I like creativity like that:)

Said it was 96º in the shoe-4.jpg

 2 months ago  

Hello dear friend @millycf1976 yes, it was quite an interesting process, so I wanted to share it in my favorite community and many of those who make life here appreciate another way to drink or rather eat coffee hahahahahaha, I find it really very creative, ideal to share with another person, are sheets of ice cream, but enough for two person

 2 months ago  

Yes, it was great to see and good for sharing indeed:)))

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 2 months ago  

Hi @eollarvesm how fascinating to learn the process, I've seen those ice creams on social media, but haven't had a chance to try them.
Tell me how much do they cost? To know if I go alone or I can bring a companion hahaha.

 2 months ago  

Hi friend @lisrl26 , thanks for watching my video, the one I ate cost 7$, believe me it is too much for one person, so you can take your companion without any problem and they will be full, I would say that it is enough for three people, it is very rich, when you try it let me know how it is.

 2 months ago  

Excellent information and the best thing is that we will eat two people for the price of one, that's good. 😅
Thanks for your reply and happy weekend

 2 months ago  

Always at your service friend, thank you and I wish you a happy weekend.

 2 months ago  

Greetings friend, I'm glad you enjoyed that coffee ice cream, also the place, the attention and of course the kindness of letting you record is the best. A long time ago I tried one similar to this one and it really is the best, combining all those flavors. Thank you for sharing it with the community, greetings.

 2 months ago  

Hello, yes the ice cream was excellent, the place and the attention too A1, it's good that you have already tried this kind of ice cream, I was anxious, thanks for visiting my publication.

very good video, I liked that you recorded the way to make the ice cream.
It also looks delicious.
Thanks for sharing it, greetings 🖐