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RE: A Little Tea and the child in us

Dear @juecoree , Currently, we are all in a similar situation to children who are gripped by anxiety and fear because of uncertainty about the future.

So, I think our dear friend @asasiklause enjoys peace of mind by identifying himself with the dogs.😆
Certainly our friend @asasiklause seems to be handling the child inside him well by figuring it out in the form of dogs.


@asasiklause seems to be very good at dealing with the anxiety and fears that exist within him.
So, I often visit his blog.

Reading @juecoree's brilliant sentences helped me understand a bit of @asasiklause's inner world!

Thank you!


Whatever age will always have some form of anxiety and fears of the uncertain world that we have. What we can do is not be drown by it. On that note, I definitely agree that @asasiklause manages well anxiety and fears from his dogs, vegan lifestyle and yoga.

Enjoy a slice of !PIZZA

Thanks for the mention @juecoree :)