I finally am able to make an iced caramel macchiato!


Two days ago, my espresso machine arrived and I was able to make a cafe latte. During that time, I was waiting for a syrup and sauce so I'll be able to make my favorite drink. And they just arrived now! :D


The squeezer and pump arrived a few days ago. Just now, my caramel sauce and vanilla syrup finally arrived after patiently waiting for days. What's weird is that I ordered them first than the machine lol but it arrived late. Guess I won't use that shipping company again.

The moment I received it, I immediately made a caramel macchiato!

Iced Caramel Macchiato


To make an iced caramel macchiato, put 3 pumps of vanilla syrup in the glass.

I don't usually see cafes putting caramel syrup on the sides of the glass but I just decided to put some so it would look better haha.


Then, the usual process. Add milk, ice and espresso. After that, I added the caramel sauce on top! You can already see the beauty.


And here's my iced caramel macchiato!

It tastes like the one I usually order haha so I guess I won't be ordering (for delivery) from shops anymore!

I also love how it looks like. So yummy looking!


I might be going on Amazon to find one myself. Very good idea. I'm thirsty now lol.

Hahaha. It's so worth it! It's also fun having those syrups and experiment with the flavor :D

Hahahaaaa yes. And whoop cream.

Yummy! I need Iced Caramel Macchiato, @hiddenblade!

1 order of iced caramel macchiato coming up! XD

 20 days ago 

Hello @hiddenblade

Just dropping by again!
Thanks for your 2 amazing articles :)

Have a great day!

Thank you! I probably won't shut up about my coffees now hahaha. I want to learn latte art! :D

 20 days ago 

Please keep them coming :)
I love reading all the stories!
Pop by anytime!

That's a little sweet for me. I'm a black coffee guy, no sugar no milk no nothing :)
... but I can see how this would be refreshing in the summer/tropical weather ☀️

Yummy. I want it!

oooooo man that looks nice.. Might have to see about trying to make something like that with my machine!

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