Life and happiness in a cup

I remember the great excitement that morning. Most of us could not find the words to describe our happiness.

As was customary on my vacation, I woke up late and didn't understand anything; if it hadn't been for turning on the TV, I wouldn't have believed the news. If only this discovery had come sooner, most of my family would still be with me. It was what came to my mind over and over again, but I could no longer change reality.

The first three days after the discovery were fatal for me; between migraines, dizziness, and depression. I was trying to hold on to my task and on the fourth day I couldn't do it anymore, I don't know if it was the habit or if it was just that I don't know if it was the habit or that I was sleepy but I tried the coffee. I had lost all my effort in the press release had been specific: "... to reach immortality it is necessary to smell the freshly brewed coffee and not to consume it".

What a sad and pathetic discovery; there must be another way to be immortal, it cannot be the only way. Coffee is a sublime elixir that rejuvenates you daily, its aroma is the best gift that nature can give us, it is extremely tempting.

I tried one more time but now I could only last two days, until resignation made me put my feet on the ground. You were not born to love half-heartedly. From that moment on I decided to be happy, to forget about immortality forever and enjoy my sweet cup of coffee.
The surprising thing is that many people, just like me, made the same decision. When you went out on the streets you could clearly see who was immortal for having a face as long as a sideburn and simple mortals like me, with a huge smile enjoying their daily dose of happiness in liquid form.


Translated from Spanish to English by DeppL (free version)


Thank you for sharing a very touching story, I am so grateful for what I have right now.

Thanks to you for reading my post and rating it 🤗.

You made me laugh a lot with this: "a face as long as a sideburn" 😄

Always so spontaneous, I really like that 👍

Hahaha imagine yourself; how do we get without coffee?
Now having to smell it and not drink it must be catastrophic. I can't imagine my own face

I am one of those who would choose to remain mortal and we are definitely not alone, there are lots of people who want to feel like humans till their last breath and cup of coffee.

It's great. We're on the mortal team 🤛🏼. Coffee restarts us all, and it's part of our happiness.

 4 months ago  


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