My Coffee Choice: Excited this morning with a cup of Hot Sanger Espresso.

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Hi my friend, how are you?

So today is a day full of enthusiasm because it is the beginning of July which of course must be preceded by a sense of team cohesiveness in every line of work. Everyone must have a high spirit to make good plans for various personal and team interests in each of our activities.

Therefore, "Sense of Spirit" must be preceded by drinking coffee. Hehehe. . My friends and I were relaxing in a coffee shop, enjoying "Sanger Hot Espresso" coffee with the characteristics of Aceh, Indonesia.

So with the contest being held by the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community on Monday, I am very excited to participate, and this is my post today about the coffee I like.

Greetings to all of you, these are the coffee photos I shot on a beautiful wooden table this morning. Always have to have its own characteristics when posting what we want.

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delicious drinks, friends, good luck

Thank you my friend! Regard.

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I'm sorry but I have to mute this post per the first rule within the article:

Everyone is free to post regular coffee posts in the community at any time. However, if there's a post using the #spillthebeans tag, that is NOT a response to the question, the post will be muted without notice.

I would recommend going back and reading the article in full if you wish to participate.

Oh no....!!!
I made a fatal mistake regarding this contest. Of course I don't want it to happen like this, but that's okay, I'll try again next Monday. And this is my first experience participating in a contest at Cinnamon Cup Coffee which I like, and maybe this is a small mistake because I don't really understand the contents of the contest rules.

It's okay guys, I also apologize for using the SpillTheBeans tagging incorrectly.

Best regards and professional greetings to all the contestants and judges. 🙏

NB: I will remove the #spillthebeans tag from my original post. Thank you verymuch Sir @leaky20 and @birdwatcher.

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It's a small mistake but read through the post again and feel free to ask any questions if there is still some confusion. I'll do my best to answer any questions and to clarify if needed.

Thank you very much for your input sir. I will read over and over and focus on the contest rules well so I don't make any more mistakes. Warm greetings from me.