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Métodos innovadores, lo importante es que el café sigue tomando fuerza en los mercados mundiales. Bella publicación! Saludos y disfruta tu exquisito café.

Innovative methods, the important thing is that coffee continues to gain strength in world markets. Beautiful publication! Best regards and enjoy your exquisite coffee.☕

More than innovative, infrequent I would say @belkisa758 hahaha but it is that we are little used to this type of extraction, I think we are impatient nature and the heat helps a lot to have everything fast.

Coffee is even more appreciated in places where they are not producers, a drink that unites cultures hehe.

A simple recommendation due to the rules of the community, if it is possible that you translate into English the comments in the Cinnamon cup coffee posts so the moderators can know what we talk about in the interactions xD

Thank you very much for stopping by :)

Más que innovador, infrecuente diría yo jajaja pero es que poco estamos acostumbrados a este tipo de extracción, creo que somos de naturaleza impaciente y el calor ayuda mucho a tener todo rápido.

El café es incluso más apreciado en lugares en donde no son productores, una bebida que une culturas jeje

Una simple recomendación por las reglas de la comunidad, si es posible que traduzcas al ingles los comentarios en las publicaciones de Cinnamon cup coffee así los moderadores pueden saber de qué hablamos en las interacciones xD

Muchas gracias por pasarte por aqui :)

 7 months ago  

Hello friend, very good this experience of trying this new brand of coffee, something that caught my attention is that you put it in the fridge and then serve it as if nothing. That did not affect its taste, I have to try it, besides I really liked the packaging and how they took you, all very modern, I hope that in Venezuela they do that kind of promotions. So friend, congratulations and I hope you enjoyed it. Greetings.

Hi @davidpena21 !
Indeed, what they don't teach us about coffee is that behind it there is a simple chemical process and in every chemical process we experiment with pressure and temperature to accelerate it, that doesn't mean that the natural process doesn't take place without these conditions.

I invite you to try it, I would love to know what you think of the result, let's experiment in Hive xD Sorry if my academic side comes out, I try to be as natural as possible but sometimes so many years of science come out of me without realizing it hahaha

Hola Dave!
Efectivamente, es que lo que no nos enseñan del café es que detrás hay un simple proceso químico y en todo proceso químico se juega con la presión y temperatura para acelerarlo, eso no significa que el proceso natural no se llevea cabo sin estas condiciones.

Te invito a intentarlo, me encantaría saber qué opinas del resultado, vamos a experimentar en Hive xD Perdón si se me sale la parte académica, intento ser lo más natural posible pero a veces tantos años de ciencias se me salen sin darme cuenta jajaja

 7 months ago  

Hello @ninaeatshere
I'm intrigued by this.
It looks awesome, and I would definitely give it a try:)
You're very welcome. Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day!.jpg

Cinnamon Cup Coffee Team

Yeiiih another sticker to collect xD

Yeap, it's a very interesting alternative, I just don't know how warm can it be living in a boat, with a cool breeze always available hahaha maybe on cold mornings you wouldn't replace a hot cup of coffee @millycf1976

Thanks so much for the support, it's awesome to have a community where we can talk about something so simple that is part of our day to day lives but fascinates us.

 7 months ago  

Boats are cozy and warm in the wintertime while using a wood burner, and they retain the heat for some time even after the stove is off. It's very warm in the summertime, so many boaters prefer to paint their boats in a light colour so that it does not absorb too much heat :)))

That's something quite logical that I hadn't thought of!
Besides everyone loves to make cocktails during a boat ride xD

 7 months ago  

Hello I loved your publication, it really looks very innovative, I would like to try it someday, this kind of things call my attention and if they have to do with coffee even more, the photos were excellent, the videos the same and the explanation of the whole process and the origin not to mention

Thank you very much for your support!
I'm glad you were interested in the topic and took some of your time as a creator to read my post, it's always nice to know that what you share is valued by members of our community.

Just one thing eh! I see you are very interested in coffee and, although it is a wonderful world, I don't think it is very convenient for you to be drinking coffee from such a young age, everything in its own time.

The truth is that I started drinking coffee when I was already in college, for reasons of maintaining my academic level, and then little by little I discovered the amount of properties and emotions that it can provide.

Take advantage of the amount of melanin that your body still produces and don't forget to sleep at least 8-9 good hours, you will miss it later haha.

Greetings and thank you again!

Muchas gracias @eollarvesm por tu apoyo!

Me alegra que te haya interesado el tema y hayas dispuesto parte de tu tiempo como creador para leer mi publicación, siempre es agradable saber que lo que compartes es valorado por miembros de nuestra comunidad.

Una sola cosa eh! que te veo muy interesado en el café y, aunque es un mundo maravilloso, no creo que sea muy conveniente que estés tú tomando café desde tan pequeño, todo a su debido momento.

Yo la verdad comencé a tomar café estando ya en la universidad, por temas de mantener el ritmo académico, luego poco a poco fui descubriendo la cantidad de propiedades y también de emociones que puede proporcionarte.

Aprovecha la cantidad de melanina que aún debe producir tu cuerpo y no olvides dormir al menos 8-9 buenas horas que después lo extrañarás jaja

Un saludo y muchas gracias otra vez

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Muy bonita la presentación de los productos del café en Zaragoza, @ninaeatshere
Bello post.

Gracias por unirte a nuestra iniciativa de Celf radio y la curación en vivo "Espacio de apertura"

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Your post has been voted by @celf.magazine, curatorial project and digital magazine about art and culture in Hive. Join our community and share your talent with us.

Con lo que me gusta el café helado, no sabía que podía prepararse de esta forma. Haré la prueba y te diré qué me parece.

Tienes razón en que el hielo añadido rebaja el sabor, para quienes sabéis apreciar cada matiz comprendo que le resta intensidad y riqueza.

Tampoco he probado la kombucha, hasta hace poco tiempo eso no existía por aquí.

Un placer leer tus publicaciones, como siempre. Deseando leer la siguiente. 🤗

The important thing is that you really enjoy your coffee, in the end all these appreciations are meaningless if they do not transmit something to you @palomap3

But I do encourage you to try making Cold Brew at home, you can see how easy it is.

Thank you very much as always for being present, a hug.

Loimportante realmente es que disfrutes de tu café, al final todas estas apreciaciones no tienen sentido si no te transmiten algo.

Pero si te ánimo a qué pruebes hacer Cold Brew en casa, ya ves que fácil es.

Muchas gracias como siempre por estar presente, un abrazo ❤️

My dear Nina, I had not had the opportunity to see this publication. I liked the method to prepare it. It is a different way of drinking coffee and very refreshing. Here in Bogota, I could not drink it that way, although I almost drink it cold all the time. I don't even need to take it to the refrigerator. Now, I promise you that I am going to make it by cold brew in these days to compare the organoleptic characteristics of Colombian coffee prepared this way. A hug with love.

Mi querida Nina, no había tenido oportunidad de ver esta publicación. Me gustó el método para prepararlo. Es una forma distinta de tomar café y muy refrescante. Aquí en Bogotá, no podría tomarlo así, aunque casi que me lo tomo frío todo el tiempo. No hace falta ni que lo lleve a la nevera. Ahora, te prometo que lo voy a hacer mediante cold brew en estos días para comparar las características organolépticas del café colombiano preparado así. Un abrazo con cariño.