Coffee on the Canal in Leicester UK - Pause for thought

Good Morning Coffee Lovers

So this morning we have coffee again. We'd managed to break our one and only Moka pot a while back but luckily a friend, @xwidep, brought us a replacement he had going spare at his home. Phew, thank goodness for that.


So I made myself a nice strong black Tanzanian coffee and then went onto the stern deck to take in some sun and listen to the sounds of the city.
I am back in my hometown after 12 days of chugging along the canal from Lichfield where we picked up the boat and quarantined.


It's been quite an adventure as we knew nothing about narrowboats or canals and life on the UK waterways but we've slowly found our feet and managed to reach here with smiles on our faces. We've made mistakes, we've solved problems, fixed things, got lucky, been helped out and generally winged it.

It's been great 😄


The city has changed in many ways but in many ways it's still the same old Leicester. It's kind of cool to sit here on my boat watching folk headed into work, listening the the traffic coming into the city centre and watching the workmen in their crane being taken to the top of the build opposite.

People seem curious about people living on boats and most wave when they pass and i return the wave. It feels nice, it feels friendly, I like it.

It really feels good to be back!


Stay safe out there people, wherever you may be on this planet of ours




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That canal looks so attractive. Makes me want to take a trip with my camera. Maybe when we defeat the virus and easy travel returns.

My favourite is Ethiopian coffee, and I've hand some Kenyan, but never Tanzanian coffee. I didn't even know that was a thing :)

Love ethiopian as well. Been lucky enough to drink it there. I posted a flashback post the other day of my travels through there many years ago. Yup Tanzanian too when we were in Arusha there they had the most amazing strong but so smooth coffee. I do miss Africa

 20 days ago 

Hello @scubahead

Will be doing it tomorrow as well but different canal location 😃