Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble - Packing Up, Clearing Out.

Good Morning all of you Coffee Loving Hivers!

THis morning we are getting stuck right in to clear house and pack bags mode. My beloved punch bag is leaving me today ☹️. A sad day.


The man cave is a bomb site but looks way worse than it is and it's best to pick away slowly at the small items scattered on the dest. It's all going either in the bin or in a bag or being given away. The sofa is sold and the plastic boxes are going into storage until a friend can bring them over to us in a years time maybe.


Some of the must go items have already been packed. I still have some weight allowance so will help @millycf1976 with some of her gear if possible also. It looked impossible when we started but slowly as the giveaways and sales started to happen and then the massive amount of crap to be chucked away was tossed, it all started to get clearer.


The stuff in the hallway is earmarked for give away and has been labelled accordingly so we know who it's going to. So much stuff accumulated over the last 7 years. We've both vowed to not accumulate so much unnecessary crap in future. Let's see if we keep those vows.


I really need this coffee right now. If ever the term 'Rocket Fuel' was appropriate it's now. I need it for motivation.


Well I really can't hang about today, this need to be sorted and we are running out of days so I'll bid ye farewell until the morrow

Stay safe out there people, wherever you may be on this planet of ours




I'm sitting here wondering 'how many times have I ended up with toooooo much shit in my life?' More than a few, and I'm back in that position again. Damn. How does this even begin to happen?

Drink lots of coffee. It's going to be worth it before this day is over...

coffee is the answer and it doesn't answer then there's beer

there is always rum for the really big problems

Marie Kondo will applaud you guys for this minimalist downsizing.

looks a bit more than hand luggage :D

Damn Hoarders..! Lmao

I think there is a little pack rat in all of us... Ok a shit ton in @pooky-jax, she is def borderline hoarder.