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The sun is more resplendent than ever, the morning is dressed in beautiful colors and while the aurora borealis begins to disappear, Karolain wakes up to the rich aroma of his favorite drink every morning coffee, from an early age he has created the habit of waking up with this aroma and this is something that does not bother him at all.

She immediately cleans herself and goes to the kitchen to inhale more closely its rich smell, which was more penetrating than in previous days, at the same time she savors a few cups of coffee accompanied by her sweet pineapple bread. This has been a routine that he has complied with for many years in a pleasant way and then he sets out to do his daily activities as usual.

But something strange happened that Monday of May where Karolain had a few cups of coffee and went out to her Architecture class, as the afternoon was falling she, unlike any other normal Monday, began to feel more energetic and with innovative ideas in the elaboration of her end of semester project. It was something very rare it seemed that she had the property of visualizing each element in a three-dimensional way and that everything fit in a special way in her mind and in the current reality.div>

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She had never felt so attracted to a class like this one, in fact she always doubted whether she was studying this career for vocation or simply to fulfill the whim of her father who was the son of the great Zaha Hadid. At that moment Karolain understood where his passion for architecture was born, because his creativity and ingenuity had never been at such a magnitude as at that moment, because he always saw every content handled in his career as something insignificant, boring and even annoying.

Everyone was amazed by Karolain's contributions in this project, they had never had such splendid ideas from a student since her grandfather's time, they could describe the process of elaboration of such a complex structure as something simple and with a fresh language that anyone could understand, but during such a wonder, they noticed something unusual and strange in her and it was that the color of her eyes was beginning to vary, she was suffering from Heterochromia of the iris and they did not understand what was the cause.

Apparently the coffee she had consumed in the morning through its penetrating aroma had modified a certain metabolic process in her organism that had added great abilities, but that as they intensified had as a collateral effect an alteration in the coloration of her eyes.

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This has left Karolain with great uncertainty and some unanswered questions such as: Will this process be reversible? Will it finally be worth these side effects if he sharpens his architectural skills? It would be good to think and reflect on this and nothing better than to do it accompanied by a rich and frothy cup of coffee.

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Thank you in advance for dedicating part of your valuable time to read my work and may God multiply the support you give to my publication. Blessings


Your post about the aroma of coffee is truly captivating and imaginative. I love how you describe the sensory experience of waking up to the smell of coffee and how it has become a routine that brings comfort and pleasure. The twist you added with the effects of coffee on Karolain's creativity and eye color was unexpected and added an interesting element to the story. Keep writing and exploring your creativity, you have a unique style that draws the reader in.

I really appreciate the value you have added to my work with this warm comment you share with me, I had a long time since I wrote a story and I was really nervous and insecure.

Thank you. Regards @old-man-chu58

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 5 months ago  

Thanks for sharing this unique story on the prompt. There were some pronoun errors throughout, which distracted from your story, but I understand that English is not your native language:)


Ohhh thanks for the observation you have made I will have to be more attentive to these details.

Regards @millycf1976

 5 months ago  

Ok, in the future :)