Cover image made by @sidalim88, using photos of my property and taken with the camera of the Redmi Note 9T phone. The design was made with the GridArt application.

Greetings, dear readers. Welcome back to my blog.

In this opportunity I want to share with you some experiences that I have had in my life with coffee in the mornings, I live in a very small community and I have not had the pleasure of experiencing coffee in open spaces or coffee shops, but this has not been a limitation to be able to taste this rich drink at different times of the day in my own home.

So coffee is one of the items that is always present in my kitchen and every morning while I start preparing breakfast the first thing I do is to assemble the pot with water to proceed with its preparation. Depending on the occupations of the morning sometimes I go tasting it while I am cleaning the house, this happens when I am against the clock and on other occasions that are my favorite ones I sit at my breakfast table in front of my cup of coffee and while I appreciate its rich aroma with each sip I go tasting it and at the same time I am putting in order my ideas for the course of the day. It should be noted that in these two scenarios I like black coffee slightly loaded, but with its sweet touch enhanced, I am aware that there is a great diversity of taste, but I am particularly fascinated by sweet coffee.

Now there are days when I can vary my routine a little and add to this faithful companion some milk and on this occasion I tend to beat it a little either with cow's milk or powdered milk until it is frothy at this point I take the opportunity to put into practice my creativity a little and try to make some form with the foam, I am not very expert at this, but I like to try. Once ready I accompany it with soda crackers and add grated cheese, this combination of sweet and salty at the same time is special for me and in this opportunity it becomes my breakfast, but in the end coffee should always be present on my table.

For me there is no time or date on the calendar to activate my taste pupils with coffee, so in any space of the day I consume it black or with milk and at this point I have companions, my husband and my princess, for now I shared my experience of the mornings and in future publications I will present other of my daily activities.

Thank you in advance for dedicating part of your valuable time to read my work and may God multiply the support you give to my publication. Blessings

All photos used here are my property and were taken with the camera of my Redmi Note 9T phone. The design was made with the GridArt application.

 4 months ago  

This is a lovely story of your life with coffee.
May coffee be your favourite companion always:)

Since I was a child my grandmother taught me this beautiful art of drinking coffee in the morning and I have taught it to my children in the same way.

Greetings @millyc1976

I could tell the princess cup of coffee from the image. Haha! How glad she'd be to join in this enchanting tradition of drinking nice coffee prepared by her mama.

What a nice story of your routine with coffee BTW.

It is gratifying how habits are passed on from generation to generation and this is one that I enjoy from my family.

Thank you my dear @teknon


I like how you find multiple ways to enjoy it. There are always many ways to enjoy the perfect coffee!

That is one of the great advantages of coffee that you can taste it in different presentations and I have not been able to experience all of them but I am on the way to some.

Greetings dear @wwwiebe

Jajaja entiendo esa sensación de que lo primero que uno piensa en hacer en la mañana, es preparar el café. Cuando a uno le gusta algo, no importa de dónde o en dónde sea, mientras este elaborado a nuestro gusto.

Yo soy de café negro siempre, pero alguna escasa vez al año me provoca algo cremoso, así que concuerdo con esa idea y el momento de creatividad que nos comparte. ¡Qué lo sigas disfrutando!.

Hahaha I understand that feeling that the first thing you think of doing in the morning is preparing coffee. When you like something, it doesn't matter where it comes from or where you go to get it as long as it is prepared to your liking.

I am always a black coffee drinker, but a few times a year I like something creamy, so I agree with that idea and the moment of creativity that you share with us. May you continue to enjoy it.

Jajajajaj this is a habit that many of us practice my dear @ninaeatshere, and black coffee is one of the most demanded at different times of the day.

I am glad that you are open to new and innovative experiences with coffee in a different presentation than the traditional one. A big hug my dear friend

Jajajaj esto es un habito que muchos ponemos en practica mi querida @ninaeatshere, y el café negrito es uno de los que mas demanada tiene en las distintas horas del día.

que bueno que este abierta a nuevas e innovadoras experiencias con el café en una presentación distinta a la tradicional. Un fuerte abrazo mi estimada amiga

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Coffee is life and health 🤣 Coffee shops are nice, it's true, but the important thing is to enjoy the experience of drinking a good coffee 😊 Hugs 🤗

Coffee can be enjoyed in different spaces, but for me in particular one of my best moments is while I organize my ideas in the morning.

I totally agree with you friend @kat-nee, coffee is potential for our lives.