Entry For Coffee Lovers Competition No. 1

This is our entry for coffee lovers competition....what about if you like tea?

Have A Cuppa GIF-downsized_large.gif

Nope coffee is the way to go....we bloody love it! I like fresh Lavazza coffee in the morning, very strong...with sugar and milk! Made in a cafeteria.

Not our photo! but a beautiful photo none the less.

We also like cold coffees in the afternoon generally small cups of them like this (added the picture on a little Juno Boutique synth so 2 things I love are together):


But of an evening our favourite coffee for working in the studio is expresso martinis. I loved the coffee I used to drink in Malaysia strong and bitter but made with condensed milk that would settle at the bottom. I also like coffee with a slug of Kahlua or Brandy in! or an Irish coffee after a meal!

So to answer the questions.

I love coffee because it tastes good and gives me a bit of a buzz, good for working late into the night which we often do!

I have various favourite coffee drinks but my morning Lavazza is probably No 1. we wrote a song once called "Coffee and Sambuka" that's how much we bloody love coffee.

I really fell in love with coffee in India where they would grow the coffee and roast it outside my bedroom then make me cups of it in the morning!

I think my future with coffee is a secure one, full of happy moments and peaceful times. If we could marry I would.

Big love
the Stick Up Boys

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Lol, the little pinky that goes up with the sip. It's that attention to detail in the gifs that makes them even better!

decaf tastes like platypus doodoo

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@stickupboys Hiya,
Thank you!


Love irish coffee after meal too. I normally pair matcha presso or Irish coffee with ham & cheese toast.

Nice, until writing this post I never thought about how important coffee was to me lol