Yes exactly, except unlike Facebook messenger, it's open source so any developer can integrate the chat into their application. Practically speaking what that means is that you could begin a conversation with someone (like me) in, and then we can move over to and continue the conversation!

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to it man.

iMessage for Hive!

Perfect. :)

Isn't @dapplr proposing audio and video calls as well? Ain't messaging app there gonna be an open source one? Won't that be encrypted! !

Now it sounds like these features in @dapplr would be over centralized network. Am I right?

Can't wait to see that happen!

Indeed my friend. Andrarchy has been managing the communication for Stinc for years. He is an expert at using technical mumbo-jumbo and giving fake promises.

They have 6 engineers and nothing to show, and they are raising funds aggressively. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a scam because there are a few people I respect in their group, but it surely looks like one.