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RE: Sublime Sunday Outdoor Maintenance

in SublimeSunday5 months ago

I like your mower!! I am so jelly! Although, I don't have the acreage that needs to be mowed. If I move permanently out there, I am getting a couple of sheep. Goats can be too harsh on the land. I don't get that snow! :) I don't really get any snow on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

But, back to the subject on hand! I love your mower! Such hard work! I wouldn't back down from that one! :)

The wildflowers are wonderful! Most of those, I used to find growing in the fields that were once a farm. They probably planted a few somewhere along the line and let them sow their wild oats. I love just planting like that, along the edge of the property, and just letting it beautify by itself.

Such a sublime post. Thanks for sharing the beauty!!! It was a nice surprise!