Sublime Sunday Outdoor Maintenance

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Enjoying this Sunday, mowing the grass as usual. The question for Debate is whether or not this mowing 5-10 acres counts as work? I insist it does, although my wife seems to think maybe not so much. What do you think?

This is a Polaris Ranger XP 1000 UTV, with a Swisher 60" pull-behind mower. Here's a video of it in action. It's got power steering so very nice for mowing, and more important, great suspension compared to a typical riding mower so it's much more friendly to my lower back.

Also a nice walk around checking the garden. Then of course just for @dswigle stopping to notice all the wildflowers! The people living here before must have been quite the flower planters, because we are surrounded by lots and lots of them that just popped up this spring.


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Big mowing job, I'd just buy sheep lol

Well that's just part of it.. lol. I like the sheep idea. We had actually thought of goats maybe. The trouble is the winters here. I'm guessing would need some type shelter and feeding when the snow is 3ft deep, and electric to keep water from freezing.

I like your mower!! I am so jelly! Although, I don't have the acreage that needs to be mowed. If I move permanently out there, I am getting a couple of sheep. Goats can be too harsh on the land. I don't get that snow! :) I don't really get any snow on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

But, back to the subject on hand! I love your mower! Such hard work! I wouldn't back down from that one! :)

The wildflowers are wonderful! Most of those, I used to find growing in the fields that were once a farm. They probably planted a few somewhere along the line and let them sow their wild oats. I love just planting like that, along the edge of the property, and just letting it beautify by itself.

Such a sublime post. Thanks for sharing the beauty!!! It was a nice surprise!

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